LAMPE BERGER PARIS, home fragrances

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LAMPE BERGER Paris, Perfumer for your home.

We all remember fragrances - the evocative scent of a holiday home warmed by the sun, the smell of waxed floorboards on which we weren’t allowed to walk barefoot.

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when years later you stumble across a scent that takes you back to an earlier happy memory, the aroma of freshly-peeled oranges and buttered toast wafting from the kitchen at tea-time or the heady scent of Jasmine bush in full bloom...


Our homes offer us a plethora of aromas, a mix of leather, wood, hot tea, freshly laundered clothes, books, of bubbles that burst in the bath tub.

LAMPE BERGER perfectly captures all these moments of our lives to form a symphony of aromas. Warm notes, fresh floral, sublime sparkle, exotic scents, and enlivening, amber tones. The Lampe Berger fragrance range is as wide as your imagination takes you.



The catalyst lamp home fragrance

The LAMPE BERGER PARIS Home Fragrances are created by French Master Perfumers know-how, and are formulated using extremely high-quality essence. 

Each fragrance takes us on a journey which reveals pure emotion, a sensation that promotes relaxation and pleasure.

LAMPE BERGER have created a range of 40 fragrances classified in 8 families to meet everyone wishes.

Combined with the catalyst diffusion technique, all the LAMPE BERGER PARIS fragrances purify the indoor air and offer an exceptional duration of home fragrancing.


2 bottle sizes are available across the whole range:

   - 500 ml : 20 hours of diffusion equating to 80 hours of fragrancing
   - 1 litre : 40 hours of diffusion equating to 160 hours of fragrancing



The perfuming ritual

It’s so simple...

  • First, fill your Lampe Berger 2/3 full with your favourite Home Fragrance.
  • Allow the wick to soak for 20 minutes.
  • Your lamp is ready, remove the stopper, and light the burner...
  • Wait for 2 minutes before gently blowing out the flame.
  • Place the top on the burner and your Lampe Berger will start to glow.
  • The burner diffuses little by little the scented fragrance to transform the air into atmospheres.
  • 20 minutes* of diffusion is sufficient for the Lampe Berger to work its magic. * 1 mn per square meter.
  • You can now remove the stopper and replace the snuffer to turn off your Lampe Berger.

You have now created your ideal atmosphere. The next few hours are all yours.