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EasyScentTM Car, the unique cold-release technology : well-being in car.


Lampe Berger is now looking to improve the air inside the car with the introduction of its new car diffuser.

The car is increasingly becoming a place where people spend a great deal of time. A place where the family comes together and also an integral part of working life. EasyScentTM is now available for your car to enhance air quality via a new fragrance diffuser full of the natural beneficial virtues of essential oils. 

Discover a pleasant and natural new way of reducing feelings of discomfort (stress, travel sickness) or improving your mood with the beneficial fragrances of its 4 perfumes.


The diffuser:

An elegant, metallic grey diffuser: Delivered ready to use with an EasyScentTM Voiture fragrance already in place.
It comes in an elegant triangular packaging box and can easily be stored in the glove compartment of the car.

Silent, it plugs into the cigarette lighter or a 12-volt socket.


Smart, it diffuses its fragrance intermittently to avoid saturating the interior of the car and turns off automatically after 150 mins.


Clever, it has two speeds of fragrancing allowing you to choose the intensity of perfume you desire.



Anti-tobaco: To breathe fresh and pleasant air in the car, a perfume with powers to prevent the desire to smoke thanks to a synergy of 14 essential oils including essential oil of Red Cedar (anti-stress). This fragrance neutralises unpleasant odours thanks to the patented Freshplex™ molecule.

Anti travel sickness: A fragrance with powers to prevent travel sickness for a more agreeable car trip. A synergy of eight essential oils including essential oil of Parsley, renowned for calming feelings of discomfort.

Holiday mood: To put you in the holiday mood, an anti-stress fragrance thanks to the essential oil of Patchouli (balancing). Like a ray of sunshine in your car.

Energy: To stay fully alert while driving, a stimulating fragrance thanks to the synergy of essential oils of Grapefruit and Geranium (envigorating), Nutmeg (invigorating), Pine Balm (invigorating) and Vetiver which boosts alertness.