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LAMPE BERGER PARIS has been transforming indoor air since 1898.

Lampe Berger Paris has been fragrancing and purifying indoor air since 1898 thanks to the inventor of its catalyst technology and his meticulous workmanship in the creation of fragrances that give houses a soul.

Today, the brand LAMPE BERGER PARIS embodies the delicate and perfumed soul of your home. It offers you a full range of products that meet your expectations in indoor air care, fragrancing and design.


LAMPE BERGER, the original: At home, Pure, inspired air quality.

The LAMPE BERGER Paris catalyst diffusion system has the unique power to freshen and purify the air of your home while diffusing subtle fragrances.

After a fragrancing ritual, you will discover the secret harmonies created by Master Perfumers from some of the finest perfume houses of France, who bring elegant, fragranced spirit to your home.



The world of LAMPE BERGER

Lampe Berger has a clever combination of beautiful decorative lamps in a wide range variety of styles, shapes and sizes to suit both contemporary or traditional tastes. The lamps fit any style of home, suit all tastes and work across all cultures.

LAMPE BERGER PARIS is a rare French company that calls upon a whole group of fine arts professionals to produce its creations.  If the designer is the conductor then goldsmiths, ceramists, glassblowers, crystal crafters, metal crafters and sculptors make up the orchestra.


Finely worked with top-quality workmanship by craftsmen holding ancestral secret pewter, porcelain and crystal to transform into superb pieces.

Exceptional from conception to completion our Edition d’Art lamps carry the signature of the greatest names in contemporary design. From Hilton McConnico to Pascal Morabito…Designers and Aesthetes with different artistic genres. Professionals with inspirational expertise express their creativity to reveal lamps of an outstanding beauty, emotion and unique personality. 

About Lampe Berger - History

Since its launch, LAMPE BERGER PARIS has been dedicated to purifying indoor air.

Invented in 1898, Lampe Berger’s catalytic diffusion system remains the best at fragrancing the air in your house while diffusing subtle fragrances.

LAMPE BERGER PARIS meets consumers’ high expectations in terms of indoor air purification, home fragrancing and innovative product design.

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LAMPE BERGER PARIS has been fragrancing and purifying indoor air since 1898. It all began when Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, invented and patented the first lamp to purify the air in hospital wards. As living conditions improved, air quality became an important concern in the home and workplace.

1930: During this period of opulence where the taste for beautiful things was at its height, fragrances were incorporated which added a whole new dimension to the LAMPE BERGER experience. Lampe Berger became a collectors' item.

1990s : In 1997, LAMPE BERGER took the decision to restructure and create a Research and Development department dedicated to creating new ranges and improve overall product performance. Since then LAMPE BERGER have continued to evolve and innovate and currently have patents worldwide in over 20 countries.